Purple Fountain Grass

Purple fountain grass is one of the most loved plant accessories that homeowners prefer to have in their home today what with its amazing color and leaves that appear to cascade just like a fountain when fully grown. Easy to care for and beautiful to look at, purple fountain grass has managed to make its way to the hearts of many home owners these days including gardeners and horticulturists as well. This ornamental grass can be planted in clumps, stand alone or as a border in your garden without becoming invasive.

Purple fountain grass is just one of the three types of fountain grass that you can find where red fountain grass is another. The purple fountain grass is typically characterized as having blooms and foliage that is purplish in color that can reach up to 3 feet in height at least. You won’t have trouble at all when you plant purple fountain grass in your area since it is an annual grass that grows beautifully. When the fall season comes and the leaves turn brown, you can simply cut it back to the ground and wait for it grow back.

Pictur eof purple fountain grass

Purple fountain grass is typically characterized as being a warm-season grass which means don’t expect it to thrive during the harsh winter season. Once the cold season ends, you can expect this grass to grow once more. Based on purple fountain grass care, cutting or trimming this plant once its leaves start to brown is highly recommended, so you can reduce the unruly look it is sporting at this stage. If you are worried about fire occurring in your area, it is best to cut the leaves and leave at least a few inches off the ground.

Come the winter season, you might enjoy looking at frozen purple fountain grass especially when you manage to trim it before the first snow starts to fall. If you leave your trimming until spring comes, make sure that you trim it as low to the ground as possible so it can be in great shape when the summer season arrives.

There are actually plenty of benefits that you can gain when you choose purple fountain grass as an addition to your lawn these days. For starters, it enjoys the summer sun and often thrives in seasons where the sun is at its peak and the humidity is just right. Capable of overcoming drought, high temperatures, alkaline soils and the like, purple fountain grass is indeed a worthy addition to your garden.

Having an ornamental plant such as purple fountain grass is worth considering if you want to add more beauty to your space. Easy to maintain and quite beautiful to look at, purple fountain grass has definitely caught the attention of most people these days. With its ability to adapt to the climate in your area, trust that this summer bloom will last you for a very long time without needing too much maintenance on your part. For sure, you will be proud to show off your blooms when they are in their best appearance.